An apology

I'm sorry I have switched to Tumblr. It's easier to update on there. So, yes I AM transferring ALL old secrets over to there. There will be NO more updates on this site.


Friday, July 31, 2009

EMAIL, California

Something that I want to tell you,

I am almost positive that I am bugging you, but I know that even if I annoyed you every day for these next two years, you would not tell me. But I wish you knew that I don't think of you as someone with authority over me (and I don't mean I have no respect for you), but I think of you as rather a friend. That means at times, I might be annoyed with you, too. And I hope I actually see you in the future, not just talk through the internet. I don't just want to keep in touch, I want to know that you think of me a friend, too.