An apology

I'm sorry I have switched to Tumblr. It's easier to update on there. So, yes I AM transferring ALL old secrets over to there. There will be NO more updates on this site.


Friday, January 30, 2009

980, North Carolina

Its depressing to know that me and my fiance may be infertile.

412, Pennsylvania

I'n NOT okay. I'm starting to wonder if anyone will ever notice how much i'm hurting.

601, Mississippi

I can feel my old habits sneaking up on me, slowly but surely. Dizziness and feeling faint is worth is, as long as you're beautiful, right? I mean, of course right.

956, Texas

Im gonna roll tonight. :) but i promised god wouldnt since my friend almost died last weekend with me. Please dont make this be our last time alive. :(

956, Texas

I love my family. But im tired of their words that only break me.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

515, Iowa

Sometimes i think im going to die a virgin.

860, Connecticut

I wish i wasn't so fat and ugly, maybe then he would actually pay attention to me.

802, Vermont

I told him he was my first when he was the third. But we started dating when i was a virgin.

318, Louisiana

I just realized i have no idea where i want to go with my life. And it scares the hell out of me.

718, New York

im scared that I'm losing the spark that made me, me... it's been a long time and im scared i won't be happy with this rollercoaster of a life i lead.

715, Wisconsin

My secret is that I'm letting all of my secrets go, starting by telling him that I love him too :)

786, Florida

I'm afraid of being hated. I need alot of people liking me at one time so I can feel better about myself. So I can have more confidence in myself.

352, Florida

I have to many secrets to fit in one text and i know ill never tell some of them

Thursday, January 08, 2009

716, New York

5 days baby!

732, New Jersey

I don't know if she's still technically my girlfriend, but I know I love her more than anything. I don't think she believes me and I feel like this is the -

954, Florida

I'm afraid I will never find someone to love me for me. I'm afraid I will never be happy. I just want to be happy.

209, California

I'm so deeply afraid that I will end up... Like everyone else... I will die before I give up my dreams.

918, Oklahoma

I'm hate oklahoma because it's in the bible belt and rednecks constant remarks about obama are driving me insane.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

209, California

It's been a while since i've seen him or even talked to him. I know i won't ever see him again. But i still can't get over him. I swear i could have married him and have lived happily ever after. My heart still breaks when i think of him, but i wouldn't give up his memory for anything. I love him...but he only sees me as a sister type friend.

912, Georgia

I cheat on my boyfriend every day. I don't feel bad about it at all.

Friday, January 02, 2009

205, Alabama

I tell everyone I'm a hardcore vegetarian, but I eat fish, gelatin, use leather and products tested on animals.

509, Washington

I dont believe in real love anymore because every relationship nowadays seems to be horrible and end

980, North Carolina

I'm an alcoholic. And that scares me half to death.

912, Georgia

My secret: my boyfriend doesn't know about my girlfriend, her boyfriend doesn't know about me either. :) i love my prince and my princess.

847, Illinois

If I knew this was going to hurt so bad in the end, I wouldn't have started our year-long long distance relationship at all. I never knew that I could love somebody that lived 364 miles much.

318, Louisiana

I feel terrible cause i just saw on the news there was a shooting in my step moms home town. I feel bad because i was hoping she was the one that was shot.

910, North Carolina

I'm really worried I made the wrong choice when he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said 'Yes'.

865, Tennessee

I told my boyfriend i kissed a girl when i was drunk before we were dating, and he freaked out. Im too afraid to ever tell him that i touched her too.

763, Minnesota

I can't get over perspective. I can't fathom how one person sees me as pretty, one sees me as ugly, or smart, dumb, boring, fascinating. I can't understand how i can be standing a mere foot away from someone and see the world as so completely different. maybe if i understood this, i could get over the fact that he will never feel the same about me as i feel about him..

614, Ohio

I never got to tell you I loved you but I hope someday I get the chance to tell you in person.

732, New Jersey

I love my girlfriend but I love the attention I get when I know other girls like me.

916, California

I've gained 20lbs in the past 6 months, about as long as I've been married.

916, California

I regret gettig married to a boy I don't love, but feel bad asking for a divorce because I know that same sex marriage was a once in a lifetime chance in california

912, Georgia

I promised 4 guys I'd have sex with them. I'm only keeping my promise to two. That makes me a liar, tease, AND a whore. I feel sick.

980, North Carolina

I miss feeling alive. I miss being needed, wanted.. I miss puppy love and trust. I miss being .. In love, and happy.

912, Georgia

My boyfriend wants to carry on his name by naming out child after his dad (boyfriend is a jr.) but I don't want my child named for a drug addict. (The Sr.)

912, Georgia

I cheat on my boyfriend by texting other people, and I get jealous when the other people text THEIR other people. I feel so fucked up.

608, Wisconsin

when you start getting self-conscious, i want to slap you.

912, Georgia

I'm scared to tell my boyfriend I'm bisexual because he is homophobic and I don't want to disappoint him. :/

912, Georgia

My secret is: I talk to other guys on the regular because I'm scared of not feeling loved and wanted CONSTANTLY. My boyfriend just isn't there enough.

912, Georgia

I'm scared my boyfriend will wind up leaving me like his "party mom" leaves him all the time. I'm scared he'll turn into her. I'm not strong enough to leave.

781, Massachusetts

I love my boyfriend. No crazy heartbreak or silly affair. I love him. Plain and simple.

209, California

I promised myself i wouldn't miss him. I thought i could say goodbye...but knowing that i will never ever see him again is killing me. I love him...cmd he doesn't even know.

610, Pennsylvania

i read romance novels to get a taste of what its like to be loved.

610, Pennsylvania

i hate tuesdays except for text secret.

610, Pennsylvania

when i sit down, the size of my thighs scares me.

515, Iowa

I dont have money or even a plan of where to go but you can bet when i graduate im gone & im never going to have to see those people that i call my family again

209, California

I'm in love with an incredible guy. It feels so great to say. One of those every song remind me of him, get up in the morning wanting to see him, all i dream about, over the moon, home run, shooting stars kind of love. I only wish he knew... or even cared.

631, New York

Im not sure if I don't want to be in a relationship because I don't want a boyfriend or cause im just really scared I'll let someone in and they'll hurt me like the last one did...

707, California

Secret: I think its really, really annoying when my friend whines. I just wanna tell her to shut up and deal with life.

626, California

I'm scared to look at my reflection, it fear that i might be too ugly for myself.

980, North Carolina

She's always on my mind. She's the first girl i liked since her death. Now shes moved on.. And i hate it. But she'll never know.

330, Ohio

I once vowed i wouldnt eat until someone told me i was pretty. I didnt eat for five days. And it was said on a dare.

760, Califonia

All i want to do is cry, but my heart has become so hard i don't know how to cry anymore. i don't think i have a heart.

760, Califonia

I'm making excuses for his leaving, making myself believe everything he said was truth, that he loves me too much to be with me. But i know they're lies.

208, Idaho

I've become the person I swore I'd never be & I couldn't be happier about who I am.

989, Michigan

I wanted to tell you all of my secrets but you became one instead. I wish i wasn't bi, i don't have to hide boyfriends, just girlfriends.

980, North Carolina

I'm 5'6 and 180 lbs: i've gained so much its making me miss my bulimac days.