An apology

I'm sorry I have switched to Tumblr. It's easier to update on there. So, yes I AM transferring ALL old secrets over to there. There will be NO more updates on this site.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

EMAIL, Arizona

I just overdosed on OTC medication and I only feel bad that I didn't take enough to pass out.

502, Kentucky

I am in love with someone who i am afraid to be with. I wish he was in love with me, then i could take a chance on him. I think he is stringing me along.

425, Washington

I have always had an extremely negative view on men and I have know idea why.

617, Massachusetts

Knowing that you wont be around forever, makes me want to be with you more.

617, Massachusetts

This is my fucked fairytale. I love it. but how will it end?

617, Massachusetts

I am deeply in love with my boyfriend and want to be with him forever. But forever is going to be too short... He has MS.

502, Kentucky

I always need reassurance. I cant stop. I need someone to remind me that im not a failure... And that makes me feel bad for some reason.

443, Maryland

This valentines day was amazing. I'm so in love with him, and i can't wait to marry him. :)<3

774, Massachusetts

He dumped me for an 8tth grader. And used me. Its killing me inside

541, Oregon

my brother was a heroin addict for ten years... i have been one for almost 4 years, tomorrow i start my detox.

541, Oregon

My brother killed himself today.

712, Iowa

My brother molested me. But it was my fault. And now the memories wont leave me be. .

781, Massachusetts

I'm scared to lose the one guy whose not going anywhere. I'm paranoid and we can both see it.

719, Colorado

I'm tired of letting him walk all over me. His love isn't worth being hurt anymore

607, New York

When I was 5 I was molested by someone my parents trusted. If I knew where he was now I would ruin his life by telling everyone in his life now about what he did then.

774, Massachusetts

I'm sick of telling everyone;even myself that i'm okay. When i'm really not. I feel like i'm living a lie. But i'm too scared to say something to anyone.

860, Connecticut

Im prego

860, Connecticut

Im completely in love with someone, and i feel like i wanna be with her for the rest of my life.

575, New Mexico

I can't stand the way things are. The way they've become. I graduate in may, but I don't know if I can last that long.

980, North Carolina

Two days i wanted to txt in a secret. Two days ago i was a week sober, happier, and almost over her. My new secret? I fail at everything.

602, Arizona

I stopped playing piano when I realized I was only playing to mourn him.

Friday, February 06, 2009

443, Maryland

I wish things were like they were when we first started dating. I'm starting to hate this.

760, Califonia

I want him to take custody, because I know I can't do this. I won't tell him that because I don't want to hear what everyone will say if I do.

719, Colorado

I've cheated on my boyfriend. It makes me appreciate him more. Although it's killing, I don't want to stop because I may stop appreciating him.

774, Massachusetts

the starbucks in my local mall closed recently. i blamed it on barack obama's presidency.

774, Massachusetts

Two months and three days

774, Massachusetts

I feel like my boyfriend doesnt love me anymore. We talked more when he liked me when he was with his old girlfriend. And hes not as cute as he used to be

774, Massachusetts

my best friend's boyfriend hate me. it's making me hate myself. but i don't know why. i wish he didn't hate me.

786, Florida

I think I try to impress my bestfriend tooo much,and she doesn't see it.also I wanna smoke pod

786, Florida

My secret it I think I love and care about my bestfriend more than she does

913, Kansas

I'm in love with my best friend. He lives 1101 miles away from me. He's in love with her. She lives 826 miles away. It kills me every morning to know that.

502, Kentucky

I dont know how to make a decision. So i end up going with the flow of things. This is more damaging to me and every one around me than i would like to believe

602, Arizona

I only feel like I control my own life when I stare off into space away from everyone. Then I come back and I see how mean everyone really is to each other.

270, Kentucky

I've ripped out my eyelashes since I was four years old, my family still hasn't noticed...I'd like to keep it that way.

352, Florida

Text secret You are cute as fuck I'd do filthy things with you =]

864, South Carolina

i want to marry my boyfriend but i want to make love to the mid 20s photographer i met at a coffee shop. i'm seventeen, and im seeing him thursday. my boyfriend

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

EMAIL, Louisiana starting to hate my stepdad. seriously. everything about him gets on my nerves to no end. but i feel bad for not liking him, cause....well he is my stepdad.


i don't have a crush. i haven't for awhile. i'm starting to think something is wrong with me.

516, New York

Even though im married i try to figure out way to trap my husband with a baby he doesnt work

734, Michigan

(1/2)One of my secrets:Even though I know my mother's mental illness is from years of severe childhood abuse,I can't stop myself from resenting her for it, (2/2)despite how immature that makes me seem.

774, Massachusetts

the truth is, i'm still in love with the boy who saved my life. he has a girlfriend. i wish we didn't live 546 miles apart. maybe that girlfriend would be me.

774, Massachusetts

i'm scared that i don't love my boyfriend as much as he loves me. one of my biggest fears is hurting him, and i feel like the end, i'll do just that.

774, Massachusetts

my boyfriend has herpes. he hasn't told me yet, but i know. i want to marry him, and have kids. but my fear of contracting the disease is chasing the dream away

860, Connecticut

I think i found'the one' but i feel like shes only going out with me to get in my pants.

612, Minnesota

612 my secret. I'm thinking of starting an eating disorder just because it seems much easier than trying to lose the weight. I'm going to stop eating tomorrow.

715, Wisconsin

My priorities are incredibly out of line..... I don't know why, but I don't care at all

912, Georgia

Though I'm surrounded by so many people, I've never felt more alone.

440, Ohio

After a year, he told me he didnt love me anymore, packed his stuff and moved out that night. I'm terrified i'll never be able to love someone like i loved him, and even moreso terrified that noone will love me like i thought he did :(

404, Georgia

I can't tell her because I'm scared of being rejected again.

615, Tennessee

I love my best friend so much i just with he would not be embarresed and tell me if he's gay. Either way ill love him all the same