An apology

I'm sorry I have switched to Tumblr. It's easier to update on there. So, yes I AM transferring ALL old secrets over to there. There will be NO more updates on this site.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

630, Illinois

I never told him I was in love with him instead, I chose someone else over him. Now he's with her, and I can't talk to a guy without putting up a thick wall bc my ex hurt so much. But he's happy with someone else. I believe he's the one, but I chose the water over wine. I still love him. I'll never tell.

914, New York

i've been thinking about him lately. i want to talk to him but i'm afraid

732, New Jersey

I'm losing my best friend and she doesn't care. Should I?

980, North Carolina

Secret- i hate how his music turns him into a stuck up jerk.

614, Ohio

Sometimes I let your calls go to voicemail so I can listen to your voice over and over.

425, Washington

I have a secret.

781, Massachusetts

I think I love my best friend.. But I'm scared to tell her because I feel she doesn't feel the same way. And that she never would..

781, Massachusetts

People tell me that I shouldn't deal with the things he puts me through... But I can't seem to let him go.

617, Massachusetts

Its stupid that this is the end of our friendship. So much for you being around forever.

774, Massachusetts

I miss my ex boyfriend so much that its making me jealous of my best friend and other girls he flirts with because that used to be me.i tell everyone i'm done,

781, Massachusetts

I want to like you but i feel like you dont even know i exist.

EMAIL, California

I wish I told you what I felt, not what I said I didn't. Its been a year now, and we're still playing games.

EMAIL, California

I loved the idea of being in love with him. I wish I told him sooner.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

AIM, Unknown

I wonder if I've ever been in love. Or if in reality, it was just lust for what I could not have.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

252, North Carolina

If she spends the night i am leaving you. i hate that she comes between us and i hate the fact that you either dont notice or dont care.

252, North Carolina

He loves me but i always feel like the 'other woman' when he is around his ex. They were together for 5 years and he values friendship but it still hurts.

832, Texas

I regret the way things ended. I regret the choices you've made. I regret not being able to wake up to you every morning and coming home to you every night. I regret the conditions and situations that were set in front of us. I regret that we were so perfect but the timing was so imperfect. I regret feeling like the odds are against us. And I regret being so unsure if we'll ever end up together, but I'll never regret loving you. I won't regret that I still love you and will always love you. I love you poopie.

781, Massachusetts

I hate opening up to new friends I've become close with because once i do, they usually just walk out on me anyway.

781, Massachusetts

I feel like sometimes you get really annoyed with me but dont tell me and just ignore me.

734, Michigan

My ex from like 4-5 years ago keeps messaging me on myspace. He said something about how he thought we'd end up together. Ugh He lives in Canada, playing hockey. We're so far apart and I have a boyfriend I've been dating for a year. I love my boyfriend, but I also wonder about my ex often. What if I hadn't been a stupid 16 year old girl?

617, Massachusetts

Tonight was a good night, but it could have been better with you next to me. You were on my mind the whole time. We miss out on some of the best times in each others lives, I hope you.ll be there next time, it might be more important than junior prom...

201, New Jersey

I've contemplated texting you a secret for a long time. My secret: I'm gay & I've never had a boyfriend. I blame it on high standards, but it's really my looks.

732, New Jersey

You were right. I DID fall in love via text message. Thanks for fucking it up for so long. Those are three months I could have been happy. I think I hate you...

617, Massachusetts

Its like no matter what i do, i cant convince you that im not the same. Im making the change and you still wont look at me the way you did before.

774, Massachusetts

my relationship is steadily failing, but i have hope, so i'm not gonna let go. not yet.

Monday, April 06, 2009

540, Virginia

I have never been so crazy about a guy until you. It's been months since we broke up and we talk like we never did. I'm scared to think that i wont see you when we graduate. I'm in love with you, and i truly think we will always be friends.

209, California

Everyone in my life has been irritating me more and more everyday. I wish that I didn't feel this way about the people I love the most.

732, New Jersey

Telling her "I love you" hurts. Not because I don't, because she's moving and I'm getting attached. The more I fall for her the more my heart is breaking.

617, Massachusetts

He's a total dumbass, but im so proud of him.

781, Massachusetts

I feel like I'm waisting his time..

781, Massachusetts

I've been hurt all my life by the people closest to me. You said you would save me from the heartbreak but instead, you caused more of it.

214, Texas

I never should have given you that power. All the pain and scars I inflicted on myself because of you, when you didn't deserve the control you had over me.It's not fair that I can't trust guys now after dealing with you.But it's such a relief having you out of my life.

210, Texas

I almost cheated on my bf over spring break, but i didnt. To make up for it i slept with him without a condom. He doesnt know. No one does. I feel so stupid...

781, Massachusetts

The reason i get quiet at random times is because i am thinking about him and i'm wondering if he ever thing of me.

903, Texas

No matter how many times you tell me you'Ll quit, I'Ll always end up disappointed. I wish that i could give up on you the way Youre giving up on life.