An apology

I'm sorry I have switched to Tumblr. It's easier to update on there. So, yes I AM transferring ALL old secrets over to there. There will be NO more updates on this site.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

863, Florida

I'm falling inlove with a boy from the internet. He has a gf and i have a bf. I wish he would love me back.

615, Tennessee

I got saved last wednesday and i've never been happier.

347, New York

i like it when he touched me. Even when he just brushes against me. It makes me feel like he does it on purpose.

636, Missouri

I was raped 3 times, over 3 years. That last were with 3 months of each other. And im okay. A little scared, but okay.

951, California

I don't know what love means to me anymore.

817, Texas

I don't know if i'm in love with him or not but it hurts the same when he broke my heart.

Monday, September 22, 2008

440, Ohio

I never felt as free or infinite as i did when i ran half-naked in Pittsburgh.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

315, New York

I think im an enabler fo rhis alcoholism. Hes my best friend and i just want him to be happy.

443, Maryland

My brother in law thinks its okay to touch my breasts.. And my sister doesnt are.. She thinks its funny. We used to be best friends but i resent her for not sticking up for baby sister against her husband.

281, Virginia

I overdosed the night my best friend shut me out, not only because she was my bestie but because i was in love with her too.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

281, Texas

A not so fun one: i wish i was skinny or fat - no one likes the in between.. And a fun one: i think i always get the shorter 6 inch 'half' at subway

916, California

I'm terrified he'll leave me just as easily as my father did...

727, Florida

I fell in love with my best friend. shes a girl. i am too no one cares. it freaks me out.

224, Illinois

My secret- I'm in love with the person whome I hurt the most and I don't know how to fix things anymore.

813, Florida

I was never and still not over it even though I make myself believe I am.

813, Florida

I just can't tell her how fucking stupid she is, and how I hate being around her.

626, California

I have so many reasons to walk away from our relationship yet i dont have the nerve to walk away...::sigh::

519, Canada

I hate that my boyfriend drinks. My family has already been affected by others drinking and i dont want that to happen to him.

908, New Jersey

here's a secret: i am in LOVE with a girl on psc, but so is about half of the make members. it's so much more than a crush.

*psc = postsecret chat*

707, California

If you were to read the drafts on my phone and email account you would find all the things ive wanted to say...including this secret

Monday, September 15, 2008

907, Alaska

People say it's selfish to take your own life. I think my friends and family are selfish for keeping me here.

224, Illinois

I hate him because he doesn't love me.

805, California

My postsecret: I make the best peach pie but I feel like a fat slob after every bite

702, Nevada

I can not stand being sober when i see my friends having a great time with alcohol and drugs.

252, North Carolina

I want him back even thought im engaged...even thought i left him...even though he has found someone else. I think about him everyday....

Saturday, September 13, 2008

902, Canada

I was told that eventually I would get over my heart ache. Now I'm just waiting it out. Every passing minute brings me closer. I've never felt so hopeful.

937, Ohio

He saved my life after the sexual assault and now he wont speak to me....All i want to do now is die I cant do this alone

615, Tennessee

I stopped cutting almost a year ago but i think about doing it everyday

702, Nevada

I'm pregnant. I have no intentions of telling you.

309, Illinois

I cheated on my boyfriend, and think im pregnant, but to afraid to buy a test, and i cant ask my friends they all look up to me for not cheating

818, California

The wrong parent died. I could have lived with his alcohol abuse... it would be better than being looked down on. plus, for him, I would never take my life.

760, Califonia

My secret: i'm so happy he cheated because it finally gave me a valid reason to leave. Signing those divorce papers was the most liberating thing i have EV

513, Ohio

I knew something was wrong with my kitten the before it died. It wasnt walking at all. And if i tried to make it stand it would fall over. In the morning it was dead. I feel so bad cause no one knows and i didnt say anything

314, Missouri

I am 22 years old and still have imaginary friends. i make mix cds with them in mind. I make up their lives and relationships and I am happier there than with anyone in real like. Just observing their life. I never put myself in it. I'm afraid I'll never find a good relationship because it wont ever be good enough. But I would be depressed without my "friends"

602, Arizona

Secret. I'd rather have a baby than finish college

815, Illinois

Im afraid that I will ruin every relationship I will ever have, romantic or not.

585, New York

i have no idea where im going in life and it scares the shit out of me. everyone around me seems to have it all planned out and im just being left behind

734, Michigan

I had sex for the first time today & i couldnt feel more guilty or gross. Im 18 and i just wanted to finally do it... im ashamed. Love a fellow post secret fan

816, Missouri

Its been over 4 years, He's been engaged. I haven't seen him in 3 years. I think about him 10 times a day.

412, Pennsylvania

Regarding post secret, I think IIm falling for my best friend.

321, Florida

My secret: I've been the other woman because its my way to prove that marriage and faithfulness are a big joke.

631, New York

I miss him. And I still love him, even though I told him I don't.

602, Arizona

I hate my in laws

732, New Jersey

falling in love with him turned me into a slut like the rest of my "generation"

520, Arizona

My Secret: I've fallen in love but can't tell him because it will ruin his dreams of working at the pentagon for the army.

540, Virginia

I just want a guy to hold and tell me Im pretty.

804, Virginia

Secret: I crushed on a girl for a long time before I later found out she was my sister. Thanx!

954, Florida

My Secret: the only reason that i am alive right now is because of my best friends

281, Texas

I'm in love with a boy. No one knows but him and me. You know too.

913, Kansas

I'm going to let him go. They love each other, there's no point in fighting it. Now I'll just wait for someone like him to find me again...I don't think they will. :(

580, Oklahoma

I'm with him to humor him.

I still think of what great sex my ex and I would have had.

I'm afraid that I'll never be able to fully commit to my new beau.